Jennifer Lawrence and Cara Delevingne at Christian Dior RTW Fall 2019, photographed in Paris on February 26, 2019.

BODY LANGUAGE: “Tomaso Binga? I’m not familiar with her work, but I can’t wait to find out more about her,” enthused Cara Delevingne, taking in the entrance of the Dior show venue in the gardens at the Rodin Museum on Tuesday. Four capital letters formed by female bodies in different poses spelled out the word “Dior.”

On her heels, Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, author of “We Should All Be Feminists,” was enjoying the activist spirit. “To make the choice to wear what one wears is a political act, and fashion has the opportunity to send a political message. Maria Grazia [Chiuri] at Dior has produced work that is beautiful but also has a message, and that’s a political act,” she said.

As Dior ambassador Jennifer Lawrence swept by, Bianca Jagger picked up the thread. “Art is very linked to my life, I love human rights and art. And Maria Grazia Chiuri, to have a woman who cares about women’s issues…I love to wear her clothes, but I also love how she thinks and what she does,” she said, entering the venue where the female alphabet continued across a red grid. (Binga was also there in person, reading out a manifesto at the start of the show, joined by two models.)

“It’s quite like a vortex if you look up, it multiplies and multiplies,” said “Victoria” actress Jenna Coleman, gazing at the reflections of the works in the mirrored ceiling set.

Coleman is about to start rehearsing Arthur Miller’s “All My Sons” at the Old Vic in London. “I’m learning a Fifties Ohio accent,” she said. “It’s very specific.”

When it came to contemporary art, she had a couple of tips up her sleeve. “Venetia Berry is an artist I like a lot, and Partnership Editions is some art that I’ve recently been buying, it’s very, very cool,” she said.

French Canadian actress Charlotte Le Bon said she’s working on her first feature-length film, for now called “Folk and Lake,” as cowriter and director. “Everyone warned me about how hard it was going to be, but on the contrary, it’s the best time as a woman to be doing this. I feel carried by this feminist wave,” she said.

Natalia Vodianova was also in good spirits, having brought along her younger sibling, Kristina Kusakina, to the show. “The theme of the show is sisterhood, and here I am with my sister,” said the model and entrepreneur, who shared a few words in memory of Karl Lagerfeld who died last week. “He made fashion what it is today, an endless source of inspiration…”

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