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MIXED MATTER: Carlo Brandelli may be best known for his work as creative director of Savile Row tailor Kilgour, but as it happens he also likes to turn his hand to materials other than fabric. On Saturday evening, he inaugurated an exhibition of his sculptures at Paris’ RCM Galerie, his second solo show.

Dubbed “Left Glass,” the collection uses discarded glass remnants from Murano that have been abandoned to the elements for decades.

Brandelli, long a collector of glass objects, was inspired by the unusual aquamarine hue of these, and sought to find a use for them. Each work is cold sculpted, its original shape guiding its final form.

“Subconsciously, they look a bit like figures, so I probably had that in my mind,” he said of the link between his sculptural work and fashion design. “If I’m making the clothes or I’m doing this, they’re all sculptural things; they’re all 3-D objects. I approach it all in the same way.”

Brandelli comes from a family of artists and artisans, he explained.

“I wanted to make sculpture,” said Brandelli of when he started out more than two decades ago. “It’s just the first things that came were made of fabric.”

The exhibition is open to the public from Jan. 25 to Feb. 6.

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