Carolyn Murphy for Tamara Comolli.

Model Carolyn Murphy is known as an all-American surfer and water conservancy activist. Now these claims to fame have helped her land a new job — as the first face of jewelry label Tamara Comolli.

Murphy’s campaign for the Comolli brand was celebrated Thursday evening at the Gramercy Park Hotel. “When we met there was an instant love. She’s a beautiful person and authentic to the core. Her love for ocean and nature and having that real connection adds so much more meaning behind jewels,” Murphy said of her decision to sign with the designer.

Murphy and Comolli are now planning a collaborative trip to Madagascar where the designer mines natural rock formations that she calls Ocean Jasper — rocks organically laden with vibrant colors and patterns.

While Comolli has been in business for more than two decades, she felt it was time to hire a model face for her brand because, “It’s a change of generation. I have done my own modeling for many years and the company grew. I needed to bring in the next level of expansion and was desperately searching for a face that represented my values. I wanted a person I could relate that is natural and has love for nature and the water.”

Murphy and Comolli shot a second advertising campaign earlier this week at New York’s Atlantic Beach.

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