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ONLINE STATEMENT: Carven is set to launch its revamped Web site today. The new “digital flagship” — designed in collaboration with the digital agency Mazarine — blends e-commerce and editorial, with the e-commerce component being available for the first time in the U.S.

“Our goal is to get new fans and increase by 50 percent our Carven customers [online],”said Henri Sebaoun, chief executive officer of Carven and Société Béranger, which owns the brand.

“There is a demand from our consumers who are already buying online on,,, etc.,” said Sebaoun about the U.S. market, where the brand currently counts about 80 doors. He estimates sales generated by the U.S. online shop will be about the same as those of a large store.

The new site features a pre-order option, where consumers will be able to pre-order right after the show. It will be effective as of June 26, the day after Carven’s men’s spring-summer 2015 presentation. Customers will receive the pre-order article about four months after, corresponding to the time it takes to produce the item.

“In the past, there were two sites, one for the brand and one for the e-shop,” Paul Emmanuel Reiffers, president of Mazarine agency, explained. “Today, this approach is no longer relevant, as image and e-commerce are intrinsically linked. Image is what drives sales. Therefore, dedicated content on social media will link directly to the corresponding product pages.”

The editorial part is designed to be browsed in the manner of a book, with a table of contents replacing the traditional menu, and flip-through pages instead of a navigation bar. A new section dubbed the “Cahiers de Carven” — as a nod to the famous French movie review magazine Cahiers du Cinéma — is to showcase the inspiration behind each collection. The Web site links to a new Tumblr page and goes hand-in-hand with a social media strategy to be presented in a short movie in the style of French New Wave director Jean-Luc Godard. It is set to be released online on June 19.

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