CASE NOT SO CLOSED: In Tulum over the holidays for her wedding, Ambra Medda and Jessica Joffe got to talking with Costume National’s fashion director Larissa Giers. Somewhere along the line Giers mentioned her brother Gordon being a suit at the Hamburg-based clothing label Closed. The German-born Joffe knew the brand from her childhood. “All our mothers wore Closed jeans, which is a pretty good indicator of what’s not cool,” Joffe said via e-mail. “But the design revamp has changed all that, now my closet is about half Closed.”

(There was no word whether her father Josef, editor and publisher of the German weekly Die Zeit, sports Closed, though the name alone doesn’t synch with his line of work.) His daughter, however, was more than happy to become a friend of the brand, and along with Medda will host the company’s Feb. 16 debut in the U.S. at the Bowery Hotel. Dutch photographer Martien Mulder will be on hand, shooting portraits for guests to take home, lest anyone forget the party’s host.

Apparently, there were so many fashion allegiances spawned, when Medda wed OK Go’s lead singer Damian Kulash that some of the 120 guests now refer to themselves as The Galactic Love Bubble.

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