TO RUSSIA, WITH LOVE: Single designer Galina Sobolev fled Odessa in the Soviet Union with her family in 1976 for a better life in the U.S. Now, she’s exporting dresses produced in Los Angeles to top stores in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kazakhstan. “They only want U.S.-made product,” Sobolev said during a visit to Fashion Industry Gallery in Dallas. “It is received with much higher regard than made in China.” Based in L.A. and known for contemporary dresses in exclusive silk prints, Sobolev began manufacturing locally nearly five years ago for better quality control, faster delivery and, patriotism. “We felt we owed this country,” said Sobolev, who owns the company with her husband, Michael. “The margins may be a little lower, but we are giving back to our country.” A recent move to mix Modal jersey onto the backs and tops of dresses to counterbalance escalating silk costs has paid off. “It’s been very successful,” she said. “It’s a $100 wholesale price and it still gives them silk and comfort.” Another hit in her fall collection is a black stretch lambskin legging with ponte di roma at the knee and back. “Leather pants in the Eighties were always a dilemma with the pooch at the knee and butt,” she recalled. “This is comfortable, and it travels well.”

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