REGALLY BLOND: Christophe Robin has been in Catherine Deneuve’s hair for almost 20 years — and now she’s crowing about it. In an interview on the Paris colorists’ Web site diffused via YouTube, the French actress reveals that her natural hair color is actually light brown, but that she changed it to blonde when she was about 18 years old. Deneuve said she’s tried anything from very light blond as seen in her movie “Le Sauvage” to darker shades — until she met Robin, and he proposed colors she said were “as powerful as” her natural shade. Deneuve divulged that she changes the intensity of her dyed blonde hair according to seasons, or the movies she stars in. But this much coloring requires a great deal of maintenance, too. “I spend a lot of time outside or on the set, so I always protect it with lavender oil and wash it with a lemon cleansing mask,” she says.

By now, the public is so used to Deneuve being a blonde, the actress says: “Sometimes when I choose a darker shade, nobody notices. People always picture me as a blonde.”

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