Mary J Blige said it was definitely more fun watching Catherine Malandrino’s fashion show Thursday than performing in it, as she did a few years back. The musician had nothing but admiration for the fashion world. “These fashion designers put together their visions and they get to see them walk down the runway. It’s one of the most incredible things a human being can do,” she said. “It’s definitely a dream of mine.”

At work on a new album, the singer said she has “no idea” when she might get to pursue a design career, but she is talking to a few people. But she is not about to dive into ready-to-wear or black-tie attire. “I would start gradually with more casual clothes,” she said.

Her fellow front-rower Mena Suvari has been more studied in one of her latest film projects. A big believer in re-creating film characters by the book, the 30-yearold plays the female lead in “The Garden of Eden,” based on the Ernest Hemingway tome by the same name that was published posthumously. The actress said Hemingway’s fourth wife, Mary, carted two shopping bags of Papa’s loose-leaf papers to his editor, not knowing what the author had in mind — if anything — for those printed words, which some consider to be his most personal. Not one for the pageantry or “molding” that goes hand-in-hand with being a young starlet, Suvari said, “I kind of fell into this business. After ‘American Beauty’ and ‘American Pie,’ I had to learn as quickly as possible. I chose to follow my own heart. I drive the vehicle and always have.”

Her next release will be “Mysteries of Pittsburgh,” a flick with Jon Foster, Sienna Miller, Peter Sarsgaard, and Nick Nolte due out in a few weeks. That too is based on a book — by Michael Chabon.

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