The CFDA is working with Equinox to promote health and wellness.

Through a new partnership with Equinox, the Council of Fashion Designers of America will literally be exercising its health and wellness goals.

In what is expected to be an ongoing initiative, the CFDA Foundation and Equinox Coalition for Health as Beauty program aims to help models, designers and other fashion executives to get in shape in terms of overall health and wellness. While heart rate-raising group fitness classes, as well as more restorative ones like meditation and yoga regeneration, will be part of the equation, the initiative is centered on more of a holistic approach. Classes about nutrition are expected to be offered. Down the road, panel discussions will be held with leaders in the fashion and health industries to address how to live a high-performance life while learning to reset one’s body and mind.

After introducing the CFDA Health Initiative in 2007, it has continually evolved to include such elements as panel discussions, wellness classes, health-oriented guidelines for models and nutrition-oriented partnerships. Through the Equinox alliance, the public will be able to join in for select classes, including ones that will help benefit the CFDA Foundation and its work in general. Equinox experts will also sit in on Model Health Initiative Panels to educate and foster ways for a balanced approach to movement, nutrition and regeneration.

“The core of this is really about wellness and fitness and health,” CFDA president and chief executive officer Steven Kolb said Wednesday, “The great thing about Equinox is that it is a chance for us as an organization to promote a healthy lifestyle. I think we all need that reminder every so often.”

The 82-unit health club operation will be opening new locations in Vancouver, Hollywood and on New York’s Bond Street later this year. With several hundred thousand members, Equinox will open 10 new locations in 2017. Each club offers 70 to 100 classes a week. Aside from its loyal base of fitness enthusiasts, Equinox has shops in every location that sell apparel and accessories. That combination could potentially lead to designer collaborations, but none are planned at this point.

Photographers like Rankin, Terry Richardson and Steven Klein, who shot the most recent “Commit to Something” ad campaign and is on board for 2017, have helped to relay Equinox’s style-minded image. The company has also relied on architectural firms like Meyer Davis and Yabu Pushelberg to design its clubs, said Carlos Becil, executive vice president and chief marketing officer for Equinox. “The style side of the brand is inherent in everything we do. It carries over into our shops, our environment and ultimately in whom we partner with. Hence why we’re working with the CFDA.”

There are also plans for a CFDA tie-in to Equinox’s digital magazine called Furthermore, which reaches one million members and nonmembers each month. Becil said, “We’re going to be working on collaborations and editorial input to really help designers showcase their work and point of view to a whole new audience.”