A day after the Council of Fashion Designers of America confirmed it would be partnering with The Weinstein Co. to televise the CDFA Fashion Awards for the first time, Diane von Furstenberg, chairman of the CFDA, provided some insight into what went into making that decision. And in the meantime, she dialed back on the notion of a live broadcast that the association touted only the night before in its press release.

In fact, von Furstenberg said a live television broadcast hasn’t been decided yet. Assuming a live show is a distinct possibility, would commercials then be sold to air during the program? “We’re not there yet,” she said. “Harvey will help us produce it, and we’ll bring it to a larger public.”

In describing the lead-up to the decision to do a Harvey Weinstein-caliber show (whether taped or live), von Furstenberg told WWD: “Our role is to service our membership and see what they want and we deliver.” She noted that her member designers wanted to change the format of the long-standing event to something that resembled the Golden Globe Awards where designers could “eat and drink together and have fun.” The CFDA decided to move the awards from Alice Tully Hall to Hammerstein Ballroom where members could have tables “and make it all very festive,” she said.

Von Furstenberg added that she had been talking with Georgina Chapman, cofounder of Marchesa, who is on the CFDA board, about a new format and Chapman suggested, “Why don’t you talk to Harvey [her husband, cochairman of The Weinstein Co.], and he can help you.” Von Furstenberg’s goal is to bring the awards to a bigger audience, but keep a sense of intimacy.

The decision to televise the awards was made by the CFDA’s board, and included such designers as Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger, Jenna Lyons and Vera Wang.

As reported, Weinstein plans to produce and distribute the rights to air the show to a national outlet, which will be decided at a later date.

Weinstein and Patrick Reardon of The Weinstein Co., and Steven Kolb, ceo of the CFDA will serve as executive producers. Sergio Alfaro of Eclipse Television will serve as producer of the broadcast with KCD producing the event and Laird + Partners producing the annual journal and art directing the nominee packages.

Prices to attend the awards (and perhaps be discovered by one of Hollywood’s most powerful producers, or at least function as a fashionable “extra”) are $20,000 for two Platinum tickets; $36,000 for four Platinum tickets, and $70,000 for a complete table of 10 Platinum tickets.

If a ticket holder doesn’t want to be videotaped, photographed or recorded at the event, they must vacate the area immediately, said the CFDA.

TV crews will be filming scenes and background materials at the Awards, currently titled “CFDA Awards.”

Last year’s CFDA Awards, hosted by James Corden, attracted such celebrities as Joshua Jackson, Gigi Hadid, Zachary Quinto, January Jones, Amanda Seyfried, Katie Holmes, Ashley Judd, Julianna Margulies, Diane Kruger, Pharrell Williams, Chrissy Teigen, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, Chelsea Clinton and Kelly Osbourne.