For a guy whose company’s unfathomable reach relies on oversharing, YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley didn’t give away very much about his own life during a chat with the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum’s Bill Moggridge. Having stepped down as chief executive officer, Hurley was evasive about his new project with YouTube co-founder Steve Chen. He said the duo is developing a different type of medium that will index video and other types of media. Even his host jested about the obscurity. “You notice he didn’t tell us anything,” Moggridge said.

Afterward, Hurley said the top-secret platform should be announced in a couple of weeks or months.

Hlaska, an accessories and clothing company Hurley co-founded, will introduce more women’s products in the coming months. Save for Kickstarter and a few other sites he is a fan of, Hurley said the fashion world has yet to optimize getting consumers more involved with the design process. Hurley is also eager to see devices that will serve myriad functions — TV controller, game controller, video capabilities and apps, among other things. “Hopefully, all the tech guys will get it together so Apple doesn’t dominate yet another area of our lives,” he said, referring to the iPlay, which is rumored to be released soon.

YouTube’s relationship with Google has been “great” since the 2006 acquisition, Hurley said. With two billion views each day, YouTube has leapt from a 67-person team to a nearly 700-person one. Asked who would play him in a movie, Hurley said, “I have no idea. I guess Justin Timberlake is already taken — damn.”

As for his take on “The Social Network,” he said, “I don’t know. It kind of sucks for them.” After the chat, Hurley looked happy to see Brooklyn artist Andrea Wolf Yadlin, and he encouraged hangers-on to check out her “Little Memories” video project on Kickstarter. Sometimes a swift kick is all that’s needed, as Hurley had told Moggridge earlier, “The thing with technology today is, the possibilities at people’s fingertips are so endless that they don’t know where to begin.”

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