The Chanel pop-up at Pedder on Scotts

Pedder on Scotts in Singapore has just opened a Chanel pop-up store, marking the first time the French brand has partnered with a multibrand retailer in the city. The pop-up, which runs through April 3, attempts to transport shoppers to a Chanel-themed airport terminal, in keeping with the direction of the spring runway show. Displays feature a conveyor belt, laden with the new luggage and leather-goods collection, and booths manned by mannequins decked out as stewards and stewardesses.

“Collaboration and partnerships have become an important medium for retailers and brands to express different facets of their personality, Chanel Airlines x Pedder on Scotts allows Chanel to take their product out of their own stores and to express their seasonal focus in a bigger, broader and more creative way,” said Peter Harris, president of Pedder Group. “This juxtaposition of their own product in a ‘foreign’ space provides a different brand context.”