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NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS: “Call things by their name.” “Take things in hand.” “Makeup your weaknesses (never your emotions).” So read some of the resolutions outlined by Chanel’s new year’s fragrance and beauty campaign, titled “En 2018 Osez” (or “In 2018 Dare”), which is set to run in the Paris metro system between Dec. 19 and 25.

Each written message is paired with a product: “Stop at red,” features a photo of a Rouge Allure lipstick, for instance. “Make a statement with the most care” is shown with a jar of Sublimage cream, and “Long live love and water” is pictured with the No.5 L’Eau fragrance.

The institutional advertisements are meant to suggest that true independence, freedom and success come only after taking full control of one’s own life, as Gabrielle Chanel did, according to Thomas du Pré de Saint Maur, director of creative resources at Chanel Perfumes Beauty and Watches Jewelry.

Chanel, who famously loved to be where she was unexpected, no doubt would have given the nod to the campaign’s lofty-yet-underground nature.