Fresh back from the Democratic Convention, Charles Nolan is in full swing with fashion week, teaming with Dara Torres, who is back from a whirlwind of her own in Beijing.

After proving a 41-year-old can compete in the Olympics, Torres is proving the equally improbable: that a 41 year old can walk the runway during New York fashion week. In talks with a beauty and makeup company to do endorsements, the swimmer isn’t ready to – literally- throw in the towel.

“I’m not sure I’m done yet,” she said backstage before the show, holding her daughter despite shoulder surgery last
week. She’s not the only “real person” walking in Nolan’s show, which was inspired by France in the Twenties. “It was this amazing creative time post-WWI when Paris was incredibly damaged and they were rethinking everything,” he said, perhaps a metaphor for where the outspoken Democrat sees America today. “Everyone keeps talking about Sarah
Palin, but my inspiration is the amazing line up of women to dress in the Democratic party,” he said.

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