Charlotte McKinney wearing one of her designs for Wolf & Whistle.

CONFIDENTLY SPEAKING: Model and actress Charlotte McKinney is trying her hand at lingerie with a capsule collection for Wolf & Whistle.

Many know the influencer for her roles in “Baywatch,” “Flatliners,” and ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars,” but designer is a new moniker. “I have been looking for a lingerie line to collaborate with. It’s something that has always been a big part of my life — underwear. For me, it was kind of a no-brainer,” McKinney said. “This was the first time I had free creative control and not just being a model walking on a shoot. They were my pieces and my vision.”

Offered in sizes 2 to 12, and 32 to 36 B through G, the collection is meant to send a message of body confidence, she said. “Any girl of any size can put this line on and feel sexy and feel good. It is definitely an empowering kind of statement.” she said.

But keeping things really simple was the toughest part. “I wanted to just strip it down and keep it really clean and nice,” McKinney said. “People always want more and more [details.] For me, with lingerie, I think less is more.”

Retailing under $60, the 20-piece Charlotte McKinney collection will be sold via Wolf & Whistle’s and Playful Promises’ e-commerce sites. After high school, McKinney left Miami to start modeling in New York and later relocated to Los Angeles. “Everything has been pretty much self-made.” she said, adding that she continues to audition and work with acting coaches. “Constantly getting good feedback pushes me to not quit.”

As for whether she is concerned about staying power with so many other influencers coming on the scene, McKinney said, “It’s definitely hard. Every day there is a new beautiful, more talented woman. That is something to constantly keep up with. But I try to keep busy and not compare myself to other people. It’s hard not to. Every day you get reminded of what other people are doing. It’s definitely wearing,” McKinney said. “I just try to stay busy. I’m very involved with my charity stuff like Best Buddies and Children’s Hospital L.A. Sometimes when I get down about work or worried about other stuff, I just take myself out of the equation, look at the big picture and get away from it all.”

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