ON THE ROAD: Charlotte Ronson is making the rounds in Asia. The designer hosted a cocktail party Thursday night at the Adelaide boutique in Tokyo before heading off to Hong Kong to fete her new store at the sprawling Harbor City mall over the weekend. “Asian customers really love everything about fashion,” said Ronson, adding that she is impressed by the attention to detail the Japanese use when getting dressed. “They’re perfectionists.”

Earlier this year, Ronson parted ways with her former Japanese partner Sanei International and inked a new distribution deal with The Wall Co. Ltd., which owns multi-brand boutiques Adelaide and Addition Adelaide. “We’re now in more equivalent stores to where we are in New York,” Ronson said. “This [Adelaide] is one of the coolest stores and I would shop here even if [my clothes] weren’t stocked here.”

Despite taking only a very short trip to Tokyo this time, Ronson looks forward to coming back whenever possible. “I’ve always been kind of obsessed with and drawn to Japanese fashion and culture,” she said.

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