CHARLOTTE’S CORNER: The first physical fruits of Charlotte Stockdale’s endeavors since she joined Jo Malone London as style editor in January last year will arrive exclusively at Selfridges and the Jo Malone store on Bleeker Street on April 1.

The fashion director has taken her favorite Jo Malone fragrance, Red Roses, and given it a makeover. Just 300 individually engraved bottles have been hand-dipped in neon pink paint that drips down the glass bottle, leaving the labels unobscured.

Stockdale’s fixation on neon originated with a pair of Sergio Rossi stilettos that she was given about 15 years ago. Then she painted the insides of her wardrobes in neon colors after set designer and all-round Renaissance man Patrick Kinmonth told her that she could get fluorescent paint fromtheatre paint suppliers.

“Neon pops up in my life quite a lot, I’m like a moth to light,” she told WWD. “There’s something about pink neon that feels good, especially when it’s contained, isolated in just one place. I like looking at paint drips, those organic lines. And there’s something nice about that half-covered look, a sense of discovery.”

Her love of roses goes back even further. “My mother was passionate about roses,” Stockdale recounted. “She was constantly planting roses around the house and dragging me out to see some 200-year-old variety from the north of England. They were always, always scented, not like many of today’s roses.”

To complement the bottle, Stockdale enlisted Belfast-based homeware company Abigail*ryan to create an exclusive rose print that comes in a scented scatter cushion, a scented sachet and a pouch for the 30ml cologne bottle. The scented accessories make use of new technology in gel beads that have been soaked in fragrance oil for 12 hours encased in their centers.

For one week at Selfridges’ London branch, these and the hand-dipped bottle will all be avaiable in a specially-curated space called“Charlotte’s Corner” alongside a selection of vintage finds sourced by the stylist, including antique perfume bottles and an art deco match striker. And every purchase will come in a customized Jo Malone carrier bag treated withneon paint.

The limited edition 100 ml Red Roses cologne, for which there is already a waitlist approaching 100, will sell for 120 pounds (about $179 at current exchange). The scatter cushion is priced at 90 pounds ($134), the scented sachet is 22 pounds ($33), and the pouch is 20 pounds ($30). Charlotte’s Corner and the full collection will be available at Selfridges London and Manchester Exchange, while just the dipped bottles will be available at Bleeker Street and