TIE-IN: Celebrity chef Alton Brown is turning his love for bow ties into a business. The Food Network star has teamed with hook+Albert, a men’s accessories brand, to launch a line of bow ties for holiday. The limited-edition collection will feature five reversible styles in bold colors and prints and will be available in diamond point, butterfly and batwing styles. Alton was involved in the design of the ties which are named for some of his favorite culinary treats including Salmon Hunter, Cherry Wine Pie, Midnight Jam and Tartan Sauce. The collection, which will launch on Oct. 21 at hook+Albert’s Web site, will be priced at $65.

“I was walking down the street one day thinking about how I really wanted to make some bow ties,” Brown said. “I looked at my bright orange shoe laces I’d just bought the week before and wondered…who made these things?  Luckily the hook+Albert wrapper was still in the trash so I dug it up and called them up.”

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