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WWD Collections issue 04/15/2013

“Are any celebrities coming to the show?” went the standard query to the p.r. team at Gareth Pugh in Paris. “No,” was the quick retort.

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Not so fast: Out of the dark recesses of the venue, Cher appeared, brought to the show by her Los Angeles buddies Loree Rodkin, the jewelry designer, and Chrome Hearts co-owner Laurie Lynn Stark.

Whispers of her arrival went up and down the front rows, and a slew of typically blasé editors filed up to her to snap photos with their smartphones. (She also appeared at Balmain that week.)

The singer was game for anything, refreshingly honest and funny as the hubbub increased.

Microphones were thrust at her with burning questions about Pugh’s designs. “I’ve never seen them, I have no idea,” she demurred, flicking her tongue over her lips.

Asked to stand and pose for professional photographers, she obliged. “I feel like a statue. I hope a bird lands on me,” she cooed.

“Black is the new black,” was her take on what most of the fashion crowd wears head-to-toe—herself included.

In Cher’s case, it was a perfect foil for her outsize crystal jewelry by Michael Schmidt. Extending her arms to show off her studded cuffs, she said, “I’m the black velvet tray.”