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IT’S A BOY: Chiara Ferragni, the Italian influencer and entrepreneur behind The Blonde Salad digital platform and the Chiara Ferragni Collection footwear and accessories label, gave birth to her first child on Monday night.

Ferragni, who’s engaged to Italian rapper Federico Lucia, better known as Fedez, gave birth to a boy named Leone, or Lion in English, at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. The couple spent the last two months in the city to prepare for the baby, who was due in early April.

"We leave tomorrow as a couple and we’ll come back as a family #30weeks #LeoncinoMio"

“We leave tomorrow as a couple and we’ll come back as a family #30weeks #LeoncinoMio”  @chiaraferragni

According to media reports, the birth was induced and Leone was born between March 19 and 20 — the latter in the U.S. is National Ravioli Day and the nickname for each family member is Raviolo.

Regarding the name Leone, eight weeks ago Ferragni explained to a fan on Instagram that the choice was linked to one of her many tattoos. “At the end of August 2016, after a few months of being single and ‘dating’ guys that were not the right thing for me, I tattooed two lions on the back of my right arm,” she explained, posting the picture of the tattoo portraying a male and a female lion together, “which meant true love to me.”

“I found my true love and Leo is in celebration of this love,” she added.

"Waiting for you"

“Waiting for you”  @fedez

Ferragni and Fedez have been together for almost two years, and they have been documenting the evolution of their relationship on their official Instagram accounts, which are followed by 11.9 million and 5 million people, respectively.

In October, the couple opted for this social network to confirm rumors about Ferragni’s pregnancy and keep their followers daily updated on this.

Chiara Ferragni announced her pregnancy on Instagram last October.

Chiara Ferragni announced her pregnancy on Instagram in October.  Courtesy Photo

Their engagement in May was also very public, as it was broadcast live on the Italian radio and TV channel RTL 102.5 and immediately shared on social media by Ferragni’s friends and fans.

Fedez asked for the influencer’s hand during one of his concerts at Verona’s Arena. Ferragni was attending the performance along with 30 of her best friends as part of her 30th birthday celebrations. By the end of the concert, a little girl accompanied Ferragni onstage, where Fedez performed a song dedicated to her before kneeling down to make the proposal.

Ferragni is only one of the mama influencers populating social media, as Leandra Medine and Arielle Charnas are also sharing their daily activities as mothers with their followers.

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