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SILK ROAD: Reinforcing the relationship between the Italian and Chinese fashion industries and developing new strategies is the goal of the 2019 Sino-Italian Fashion Summit, which will run from June 24 to 26 in Hangzhou, an important industrial hub located half an hour from Shanghai.

The summit, which will include the participation of major Italian institutions, as well as designers and managers from important fashion houses, is organized by the China National Garment Association, a Chinese government association for the fashion industry.

The summit, which is patronized by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will offer a clear picture of the Chinese fashion sector and will put the focus on the evolution of the country’s customers seeking high-end Made in Italy products.

“In the last decade, the Chinese market dramatically changed. Ten years ago, many international luxury players were registering a double-digit growth in China by leveraging only on the strength of the brand and on the huge dimension of the market,” said Francesco Fiordelli, official representative for the relationships between the China National Garment Association and Italy. “The market we are facing is more and more populated by a new middle class, mature and structured, with spending habits more precise and completely different from those of the previous generations. Following the latest agreements signed on the new Silk Road, it’s necessary to take stock of the situation in order to support especially those companies which don’t have an established structure in China and which aim to enter or significantly expand their business in the market.”