LOOKING WEST: The Shanghai Fashion Designers Association and Chinese multi-brand designer retailer Dong Liang brought 11 Chinese designers to London fashion week this season.


“Designed by Shanghai” the biggest of a series of China-focused events at London fashion week, took place Friday at the Royal Opera House. 


It was the second incarnation of the event- established designer Jenny Ji showed in February. This time eleven designers made the trip, including Ji, along with Lu Xiaoyu, Lili Lee, Stella Lam, Zheng Xiaodan, Zhang Yuhao, Liu Min, Du Yang, Shangguan Zhe, He Yan and Su Renli — the latter five sponsored by Dong Liang.


“The trip to London for us it is a good learning, communication and presentation opportunities. Although in recent years the development of China’s fashion industry is very fast…there are still many areas that need improvement,” said Lü Xiaolei, vice chairman of the Shanghai Fashion Designers Association.

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This is Dong Liang’s first foray into a wholesaling and agency role after four years of promoting Chinese design within China through its boutiques in Beijing and Shanghai. The retailer is also hosting a separate showroom for up-and-coming Chinese designers at Somerset House during fashion week.


“We really hope to get more feedback from experienced international buyers and media,” said Tasha Liu, co-founder of Dong Liang. “We haven’t received any confirmed orders from Friday’s event, but we are confident we will have by the end of our Somerset House showcase.”


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