Chriselle Lim barbie

Chriselle Lim has officially been Barbie-fied.

Yesterday, the Asian-American influencer revealed on Instagram a partnership with Mattel that included the creation of Barbie dolls modeled after her and her two daughters, Chloe and Colette. While those Barbies are one-of-a-kind, Lim shared today that she has also styled two dolls, which will be sold through, and FAO Schwarz.

Chriselle Lim barbie

Chriselle Lim and Mattel team up on two Barbie dolls, styled by Lim.  Dennis Di Laura

“Beyond the career milestone, there’s a larger conversation about representation that I’m so proud to even have a small part of,” said Lim in a statement. “From the diversity of ethnicities to body types, knowing that this generation of kids are going to be growing up with Barbie dolls that look like they do is so heartwarming. Being able to represent my Asian American heritage and community in such a tangible way is something I’ll be forever grateful for.”

The Styled by Chriselle Lim Barbie collection features two dolls. One wears a shimmery pink blazer, carrying a cell phone in one hand and a clutch in the other, while the second wears a burgundy trench with a brown tote bag and a coffee cup. Sold separately, the dolls come in special packaging that includes a doll stand and certificate of authenticity.

In a post shared to her blog, The Chriselle Factor, Lim wrote about the personal significance of the collaboration.

“Growing up, I couldn’t identify with the dolls I had around me. None of them looked like me, and since I couldn’t identify with the ‘beautiful’ dolls…I felt confused,” she wrote.

“Especially within these past few years, I feel so proud to see more Asians represented in the media,” she continued. “From the release of ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ to Sandra Oh winning a S.A.G [sic] and Golden Globe…and now an Asian American Andrew Yang as a presidential candidate — there is hope! They’re small steps to a big change for more representation.”

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