CINDERELLA STORY: First the shoe; now the mini movie. Christian Louboutin, who during couture week in July unveiled his interpretation of a modern-day “Cinderella” slipper in honor of the release of the Diamond Edition of the Disney classic on Blu-ray disc this fall, on Tuesday night previewed a short film to coincide with the film’s debut today on French screens. Done in collaboration with Disney, the fantasy short is titled “The Magic Of The Glass Slipper: A Cinderella Story,” and is to air before the main feature.

It depicts the famous cobbler at night in his atelier, finding sudden inspiration in the scullery maid scrubbing the floors of his shop. Done in distinct Disney style, the film marries animation and live action, a treat for the designer who cites “Bedknobs and Broomsticks” among his favorite Disney flicks.

Tuesday’s event was also the culmination of an online if-the-shoe-fits contest. Five finalists took the stage at the Grand Rex Theatre in Paris, which was filled with guests whose age average seemed to be 5, in hopes that the shoe Louboutin proffered would be just their size. Rafaelle Leboeuf, 18, from Villejuif, France, won the crystal-encrusted shoes with butterfly appliqués. The shoes are only available in limited edition to contestant winners and will be dispersed in 20 Louboutin markets worldwide in similar premiere events. The re-release of the classic film will also include a copy of the short starring Louboutin.