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SPACE CASE: Christopher Kane is experimenting with see-now-buy-now for fall, with plans to sell two Safety Buckle accessories straight off the runway at his Mount Street store, on and at retailers including and Selfridges.

These are not just any accessories, however; they’ve traveled to outer space. Kane’s Devine bag and high-top sneakers, which come in six color combinations, were launched into space on Feb. 6 from Ashbourne in Derbyshire, England and landed about three hours later, within 120 miles from the takeoff spot.

According to the company, the bag and shoe reached altitudes of up to 38 km, or 24 miles, above Earth, with pressures approaching 0 percent compared with sea level, and with temperatures going down to minus-64 degrees Celsius, or minus-147 degrees Fahrenheit.

see-now-buy-now sneaker Christopher Kane

A see-now-buy-now sneaker by Christopher KaneCourtesy

None of this should come as a surprise to anyone who’s familiar with Kane’s work and utter obsession with science and the natural world.

In 2015, he did a color cosmetics capsule collection with Nars that featured neon brights and sparkling shades with science-lab monikers, such as “Starscape Blush,” “Quantum Illuminating Multiple” and “Nucleus Lip Gloss.”

He has a penchant for biology in particular: “I think there’s such a great source of inspiration there, when it comes to nature, and obviously the brain,” he told WWD in 2015.

His latest ad campaign was shot at Vienna’s famous psychiatric institution, Gugging, and he spent some time with the artists who live there, incorporating their original work into his pre-fall collection.

see-now-buy-now sneaker Christopher Kane

A see-now-buy-now sneaker by Christopher Kane.  Courtesy

The safety buckle is a Kane signature that stretches back to his first independent show in spring 2007. It first appeared on the buckle of an elastic belt on his body-clinging dresses.

The color combinations in the Safety Buckle Space Collection are black and taupe, lemon yellow, flame red, royal blue and candy pink. Each Devine bag comes with its own anorak cover made from Italian parachute-like nylon.


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