Cindy Crawford celebrated the end of her “Becoming” book tour in her hometown of Los Angeles on Friday night with a party at Eric Buterbaugh Florals hosted by her Meaningful Beauty partners Bill Guthy and Greg Renker of Guthy Renker.

Among the guests were Elizabeth Berkley, Maria and Tim Shriver, Wendie Malick, Kathy Freston and Tyra Banks.

“People talked to me about doing a book for years but I knew what I didn’t want to do — a straight coffee-table book or autobiography. It wasn’t until I came upon the idea of marrying iconic images with essays about why it all matters,” said Crawford, who was accompanied by husband Rande Gerber and daughter Kaia. “It was to celebrate turning 50. Either you embrace it or hide. It’s hard for anybody, but especially for someone whose whole business has been about aesthetics. It’s still hard — my birthday is in February and I can’t believe I’m really turning 50. But this helped me realize how much I’ve grown. Every line on your face is a lesson.”

Luckily, Crawford has her own skincare line to help preserve her youth. “Meaningful Beauty was the biggest risk I took in my career because I had a very lucrative contract with Revlon for 14 years,” she said. “There came a point where my contract was up and that’s where I just rolled the dice and gambled on myself. For me it’s the perfect thing because it allows me to be who I am today as an almost-50-year-old woman. It can grow with me.”

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