CASUAL WEDNESDAY: On Wednesday afternoon, members of the press got to dine on a two-course lunch in the private salon of Le Bernardin to celebrate Cinq à Sept’s recent fall collection — a rather chic departure from the typical Midtown takeout lunch fare. “We want things to feel elevated and luxurious with a little bit of a French twist to them,” said founder Jane Siskin, wearing a Gucci silk bomber jacket purchased recently in Paris. During the luncheon, conversations ranged from guilty pleasure T.V. (“The Bachelor,” “The Voice”) to the current state of fashion. “I think what we’re trying to do at Cinq à Sept is evoke that sense of individuality,” Siskin said, discussing a possible venture into homewares. “Everybody’s got their pink hair, nose piercings, tattoos….now, can’t we do pretty fashion? Beautiful, luxurious things feel right for the brand.”