COMING FULL CIRCA: Circa, the global buyer of fine jewelry is launching a two-part advertising campaign, featuring models Veronica Webb and Elaine Irwin. Set to hit editorial pages as early as next week, the campaign includes a series of still life images by Teru Onishi that portray “explosions of magnificent jewelry,” according to Circa. The second phase will showcase Donna Trope’s photos of the models sporting rare baubles that the company acquired.

“These remarkable women embody the spirit of the Circa client: real, accomplished women empowered to make their own choices,” said Circa founder, chairman and chief executive officer Chris Del Gatto. “In fact, I was so intent on staying true to the natural beauty of the women — and jewelry, that I insisted that no retouching be done on their faces in post-production.”

Implicit to the campaign is the message of “sustainability” in the luxury world, the ceo said, adding that it’s estimated that there is between $3 trillion and $5 trillion worth of unworn jewelry sitting in safes, jewelry boxed and inventory across the globe.

“By selling unwanted jewelry back into the secondary market, individuals can help reduce reliance on newly mined metals and gemstones and remove themselves from an environmentally destructive value chain,” he noted.

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