Humanity, 13th Issue, guest edited by Paola Kudacki

GOOD CITIZEN: Photographer Paola Kudacki has guest-edited the latest issue of Humanity, the magazine produced by Citizens of Humanity, which focuses on women, their determination and the causes close to them.

Some of the images featured in the magazine were lined up on easels during an event Thursday night at the Embassy of Argentina in London. The series of black-and-white photographs of Argentinian ballerina Marianela Núñez included a close-up of her bandaged foot alongside still images of her dancing.

Kudacki said that guest-editing the magazine was a chance to spotlight her sources of inspiration — such as Núñez — as well as pay tribute to her newborn daughter.

“I was asked to be the guest editor right after I had my daughter, so then I thought it would be great to make it like a letter to her, and also autobiographical, like in the case of Marianela, because when I was five, I wanted to become a ballerina,” said Kudacki.

Marinela Núñez for Humanity Magazine, guest edited by Paola Kudacki

Marianela Núñez for Humanity Magazine, guest-edited by Paola Kudacki.  Paola Kudacki

The magazine is split into 10 sections. Some are profiles, including an interview with actress Maggie Gyllenhaal and an Argentinian feminist and stand-up comedian, Malena Pichot.

Other sections tackle difficult subject matter such as sex education in Poland, gun violence in America and women of the Amazon who are fighting for their rights and the environment.

Kudacki traveled to Ecuador and spent two days interviewing and taking portraits of the women in the Amazon.

“I felt so lucky to be able to meet them. Some of these women traveled hours to come and meet me, some walked for six hours, then took a bus for another seven hours to meet me, others came by boat. It was epic and I’m planning to do another project with them,” she said.

Women of the Amazon by Poala Kudacki for Humanity Magazine

Women of the Amazon by Paola Kudacki for Humanity Magazine.  Paola Kudacki

She also traveled to Warsaw to document the struggle some Polish youths are facing with their sexual identity. “I’m half Polish, so it was really personal to me to be able to go to Warsaw for the first time,” she added.

In New York, where Kudacki is based, she reached out to survivors of gun violence to capture those women’s stories.

“My team was so touched and emotionally charged because of the stories, how something so terrible could give them strength to help others in the same situation. These women are so resilient and super strong,” Kudacki said, adding that she also styled and shot the fashion editorial included in the magazine.

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