Clara Daguin's Triptych

BIG BROTHER: Clara Daguin’s designs are watching you.

At the cusp of art and fashion, her work evokes a form of artificial intelligence, using technology to interact with its surroundings.

This Paris Fashion Week, Daguin, who was born in France but grew up in Silicon Valley, is showing off a triptych of her creations at the Joyce Gallery in Palais Royal until Oct. 10. The centerpiece is a couture bomber jacket made from organza, silk and horsehair encrusted with fiber-optic cable and LEDS.

Featuring motion sensors, its lights change color, from pale neon blue to undulating red and orange, when it senses movement. The voluminous creation, which necessitated 960 hours of work to complete, features a décor of porcelain dolls’ eyes snapped up at a flea market, symbolic of the sense that the jacket is watching its observer, and not the other way around.

Exhibited alongside this was a series of ready-to-wear bomber jackets, their sporty shape contrasting with their plush velvet fabric, black piping details reprising the patterns formed on the electronic parts of the main piece. Available for preorder, they are priced at 560 euros.

In between the two, a single jacket with the same shape as the velvet pieces was worked in silk organza with velvet details and luminous LED piping. More down to earth, it lights up with the help of a rechargeable battery.

Daguin’s fantastical designs are gaining the 2016 Hyères finalist a growing following. She recently collaborated with Ascendant Vierge and Kalash Criminel, two rising talents on the French music scene, with luminous designs to feature in their respective videos.

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