Hillary Kerr and Rebecca Minkoff

OBSESSED: Clique Media Group has become a staple at social media-forward events.

So it was no surprise to find the company’s cofounder Hillary Kerr participating in a spirited discussion this weekend with Rebecca Minkoff ahead of the designer’s spring 2017 presentation at The Grove shopping center in Los Angeles. The two sat before a group of about 50 to talk about entrepreneurship, leadership and social media before Kerr caught WWD up on the latest at Clique Media — the parent of digital brands such as Who What Wear, My Domaine, Byrdie and Obsessee.

Social media content maker Obsessee, one of the company’s newer brands, was at The Grove last summer for a brief pop-up. It marked Obsessee’s first foray into the brick-and-mortar world when it took over The Grove’s pop-up-designated glass pod at the center lawn.

The store was unique in that customers purchased items using social media currency. That is, instead of cash or credit to pay, they were required to post on places such as Instagram or Twitter to earn currency.

“It went so well. We had a line around the block the entire time we were there,” said Kerr, who herself went in to buy a pen using social currency.

The pop-up was such a success, Kerr said the company plans to do another one this year with more details to come.

“It was a great moment for us to test the hypothesis of who we thought the Obsessee girl is and the girl who showed up was exactly the demographic and person we thought she would be,” Kerr said. “Obsessee was a very new brand at that point and the fact that there was already an emotional connection to it was such a wonderful thing to see.”

Clique Media Group’s College Fashionista, which it acquired in October on undisclosed terms, is the newest brand added to its portfolio. The media platform is aimed at college students with content on style tips, dorm-room decorating and campus-specific news.

“[College Fashionista founder] Amy [Levin] is a genius and we’re just drilling down to all the ways that we can activate, especially with Obsessee,” Kerr said. “But it’s a really great operation and the style gurus from College Fashionista create amazing content, so we’re really looking forward to activating even more and leveraging them across all our platforms.”