Coachella’s first weekend generated more than an overload of shaky videos of dancing concertgoers and one too many snaps of swan pool floats. It also served as a window to fashion trends that could have staying power through the summer.

ShopStyle, the fashion search engine that connects to 1,400 e-commerce sites carrying some 14,000 brands, combed keywords over the four-day period that ended April 18. Among the winners: white dresses (up 154 percent) and mom jeans (an increase of 71 percent). Naysayers of the Nineties-era choker might be disappointed to learn that the accessory is sticking around, since searches for it rose 107 percent.

When a photo of a celebrity circulated on Snapchat and Instagram, searches for what they were wearing saw a big spike. Take Kendall Jenner, who was spotted in Anine Bing’s black lace bralette. While the search for all bralettes increased 53 percent on ShopStyle, the lace bralette spiked 120 percent thanks to Jenner.

Calvin Klein’s rager filled with celebrities such as Kanye West, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jaden Smith and logoed undies helped give a 75-percent bump in the online hunt for its sports bras.

Interestingly, bandanna neck kerchiefs stood as the search engine winner over the weekend with a 216 percent surge. But that could have been a matter of function over fashion, since it was a useful shield against the windstorm whipping through the desert.


For denim executives who wonder privately when skinny jeans ripped at the knees will fade away, the answer is probably not anytime soon. ShopStyle said searches for ripped jeans increased by 99 percent.