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Leafing through a rack of items of the first Co + Co by Coco Rocha collection, Coco Rocha said, “We’re calling it ath-leisure meets streetwear. The athletic side comes from the material point of view,” she continued, pulling a scubalike, rounded shoulder top with heat-sealed seams. “Yes, you can wear many of these pieces working out, but mostly it’s where sports meet on the street.”

Through a venture with the Los Angeles-based Paragon Project, she and her artist husband, James Conran, will launch Co + Co by Coco Rocha via her Web site and retailers, they said at the unveiling at Dream Hotel Downtown. The prints used in the collection are derivative of his paintings. “We call them glitch prints. When you think of digital, it’s perfect, but when you put man’s influence in there, it becomes imperfect. He’s gone in there and made it imperfect even though it may look perfect from afar,” Rocha said. “I love tech — tech meets fashion has always been my thing, so we wanted the collection to reflect that, whether it be the futuristic fabrics or the prints.”

With retail prices ranging from $80 to $300, the collection offers clean lines, some boxy silhouettes and simple graphic prints.

“When I started using social media [in 2004], people were saying this is not appropriate. And now lo and behold, we’re all using it. This is how we brand ourselves. In the same way, I want to use materials that were not always being used and a price point that was not being hit,” Rocha said. “I want to know everything about the business. I don’t just want to be focused on drawing up some pictures and picking some materials and everyone else makes it happen. I don’t want people to say, ‘She’s a model, put her name on something and, isn’t that nice?’ I want this to go for years.”

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