NEW LIFE: Gender-fluid brand Collini Milano 1937 has opened its first store in Milan, located in central Via Santo Spirito and covering 1,100 square feet over two stories.

Presenting the brand’s new line of upcycled furs, leatherwear and shoes during Milan Men’s Fashion Week, creative director and chief executive officer Carmine Rotondaro explained that the company was founded in 1937 as a furrier and that after “a moment of sleepiness” of the brand, he decided to buy it two years ago, drawn by its craftsmanship and history. Today, he has opted for working with existing or scraps of furs. “It’s 100 percent no-kill,” he said. “We pull apart old ‘grandmothers’ furs, reworking them, dyeing them and creating new pieces, giving them new life.”

The collections and the store reflect Rotondaro’s flamboyant and rock ‘n’ roll glamour — and his whimsical inclination toward mystery and magic, such as the beetle and eye pattern for fall.

Designed by the brand’s art director Biagio Vinella, brutalist walls mixed with built-in metallic shelves, gold foil seating and red hand-shaped hooks contribute to the eclectic decor of the store.