CLUB HOUSE: Comité Colbert, the French luxury goods trade association, has welcomed a new member: Delvaux. Christina Zeller, the house’s product and merchandising director, at the presentation of its spring ’13 pre-collection at the Paris residence of the Belgian ambassador, said she saw it as a nice compliment. “It’s a mark of recognition for us that they have accepted Delvaux as it is the oldest leather goods manufacturer in the world, created in 1829. It seems they respect the work that has been done, that we still have our own atelier, the luxury traditions,” she said.  Highlights from the collection included the new Simplissime line, featuring graphic lines and the clasp from the house’s 1969 Cobalt bag; the East/West, a new take on the iconic Brillant, with a shorter, wider volume, and a selection of bags made with the traditional “toile D,” a canvas specially created for Delvaux in the 1970s.