Common Thread, a new documentary series by 3×1, a premium denim brand carried by Nordstrom, Intermix, Shopbop and others, premiers its first episode tonight in Brooklyn.

The series is produced by 3×1 and hosted by the brand’s founder, Scott Morrison. The first episode is set in Italy and aims to spotlight the denim brands, multigenerational producers and manufacturers propelling the luxury denim industry. The series begins after the recent launch of the “Jeans Redesign Initiative” set forth by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, what’s regarded as the industry authority on circular fashion.

Demonstrating an antithesis to fast fashion, denim industry stakeholders, like Morrison, are highlighting the personal stories behind the “most democratic product in the world,” as he states in the series trailer. Across the industry, denim brands have been grooming consumers with views into sourcing, factories and ethical practices in a broader sweep toward transparency.

With intent to depict a holistic portrait of the luxury denim industry, 3×1 includes narratives from Diesel (an Italian retailer with denim as a core category), Candiani (a Milan-based denim mill) and Tonello (a garment finishing company).

Quality today, by Morrison’s exploration, is rooted in craftsmanship, and bolstered by his travels and conversations in Italy’s landscape of warehouses, vineyards and dining as the trailer reveals.

“This project really started as a means to rediscover my original passion for the business of jeans making,” said Morrison, who partnered with friends in the industry to “share the stories of our successes and our struggles.” In an ever-evolving denim landscape that is pressured by consumers to rebuke unsustainable practices, the series unveils the industry’s ideas “surrounding what it will take to not only survive — but thrive,” according to Morrison.

The company will host a screening of the first episode at the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn at 7 p.m., which will be available on YouTube the following afternoon. Future episodes are anticipated to be filmed in Japan and the U.S. — released intermittently.