ALL IN THE FAMILY: Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin’s debut collection of accessories is rooted in her family tree.

Inspired by family heirlooms, Homage is set to debut on HSN on December 21. Costin has retained several of the pieces that were favorites of her next-of-kin including the Coronation Choker, which borrows from one favored by her great-great-aunt Duchess Consuelo Vanderbilt and the Coming of Age necklace, a more affordable version of the string of pearls that were a customary present for female members of her family when they celebrated their 18th birthdays.

Grandma’s earrings are meant to be reminiscent of the cluster of pearls style that was de rigeur in the Fifties and favored by her grandmother Iris Vanderbilt at The Stork Club and other New York haunts. Costin, who is also a musician, wore a pair of the $50 pearl cluster earrings when filming her latest music video in the former summer home of her great-great-grandfather Willie K. Vanderbilt Jr.

Costin’s Flying Pearl engagement ring for Homage is an offshoot of one of four her great-grandmother Consuelo received before marrying Earl T. Smith, the former U.S. ambassador to Cuba during the Bay of Pigs invasion. Their wedding was such an extravaganza that more than 1,000 onlookers lined up outside of the Vanderbilt mansion on Fifth Avenue.

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