COTTON HITTING THE AIRWAVES: Washington-based Cotton Council International has found an improbable promotional vehicle in the form of Indian reality show programming. The council has teamed up with Zoom TV for a show called “Let’s Design,” which is a “Project Runway”-type program in which young designers battle it out to create winning creations in the show’s signature fabric. Its third season kicks off Feb. 25.


“Although India is the world’s second largest cotton producing country, the usage of cotton has been shrinking substantially,” said Agnieszka Fijol, of Cotton Council’s India branch. Fijol said that 800 aspiring designers applied to be on the show. The 16 chosen contestants were then brought to a reality house in Mumbai where the shooting began in workshops.


The show’s winner, Govind Kumar Singh, was announced at a Bollywood star-studded studded event on Monday. Although it might seem odd to announce the winner of a show before it even starts airing, Avinash Kaul, Zoom’s chief executive, justified the move and said viewers will want to retrace how it came to be.


“This is a way to fulfill the aspirations of many upcoming designers and cater to the younger demographic which comprises our viewers. With every passing year this is morphing into a more interesting show,” Kaul said.

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