ON THEIR TOES: Texas Ballet Theater has become a personal cause for Naeem Khan and Crawford Brock, owner of Stanley Korshak. Brock sponsors an unusual benefit luncheon every December at the Winspear Opera House at which dancers perform leaps, lifts and intricate choreography in spring fashions on the runway, and Khan has been the featured designer three times.

“This is a really emotional and exciting time for me,” Brock told the audience after the show. “I can’t decode if it’s the clothes that are so beautiful with Naeem and the others, but maybe it’s the ballerinas, so feminine and beautiful.”

Upon learning the dancers earn $18,000 a year, Khan asked the audience for charitable donations for a package including $3,500 towards one of his dresses, two VIP tickets to his runway show, and a private dinner at his home. Georgina Hartland had the winning bid of $10,000, and before the luncheon ended Khan agreed to give the same perks to two more women who also ponied up $10,000.

“I so believe in giving back to the arts and what Crawford does,” Khan said. “It kills me how much money the dancers make, and whatever we can to uplift art, fashion and dance. And I love Dallas. Everybody is so friendly and nice.”