Los Angeles-based accessories label Cult Gaia has timed the opening of its first pop-up shop at Culver City’s Platform retail development to festival season and Coachella. After graduating from FIT in 2011, Jasmin Larian started Cult Gaia with the now ubiquitous flower crown, and has since expanded with wire and fabric headscarves, headbands, lace chokers, bamboo handbags and women’s apparel retailing from $17 to $180.

“Every piece is a peacock piece, a conversation-starter,” said Larian. “If I can’t get a ‘made you look’ reaction from it, it’s not worth putting in the collection.” Larian has also created lighter and more luxe versions of the flower crown made with glass leaves, leather petals and headbands made from braided rows of beads. “It’s taking a hippie and making her look so rich,” she said while modeling one style featuring a delicate side-tie detail.

Open through June, the pop-up shop will also showcase the limited-edition men’s button-down shirt line Cult Guy, started by Larian’s younger brother, Cameron, as a project created for a reality television show about Silicon Valley start-ups. The men’s shirts, neck scarves, women’s apparel and head scarves all come in matching fabrics, because, the Larians note, “subtle, elevated matching is the next big thing.”

The shop carries a selection of other items made by friends and young entrepreneurs, such as Emi Jay hair ties. There is also a Frida Kahlo-inspired doll created by the Larian’s father Isaac, founder of MGA Entertainment, the manufacturer of the popular, controversial and lawsuit-spawning Bratz dolls. (Yasmin, one of the four original Bratz dolls, was named for Jasmin.)

Platform, the latest retail development from the Runyon Group, will be home to concept stores and West Coast flagships for boutique brands such as Parabellum, Linda Farrow, Curve, Freda Salvador and Janessa Leone.