FUR CHECK: PETA Germany on Friday confirmed that the Senate of the parliament of the Czech Republic has passed a bill prohibiting fur farming, starting 2019, pending the endorsement of the country’s president, Milos Zeman.

“It’s great news that the Czech Republic will join Austria, Croatia, the Netherlands, Slovenia, the U.K., and a host of other countries in implementing a ban on fur farming, sparing nearly 20,000 minks and foxes a living hell and horrific death every year,” said Elisa Allen, director of PETA U.K., noting that the industry is “rapidly running out of places to set up shop.”  

Five more countries in Europe are said to be holding parliamentary debates on the topic, according to the Fur Free Alliance, while partial bans have been adopted by Denmark — where fox farming now is prohibited — and Hungary, which has banned the farming of mink and foxes for fur.

Germany has just passed a law that imposes such high standards for animal housing on fur farms that it’s expected, in effect, to shut down the five mink farms that remain there, according to PETA. 

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