Eric Buterbaugh, Daniela Villegas, and Erica Pelosini

Stylist Erica Pelosini is on a roll. The Italian transplant to Los Angeles has hosted events for Italian designers such as Gianvito Rossi, does Instagram Stories for Gucci, and designs her ladies’ shoe line Miss Leeman with husband and men’s footwear designer Louis Leeman. She also has thrown parties at her Beverly Hills home for Rachel Zoe, and now Salvatore Ferragamo.

The summer fete was a celebration of Ferragamo’s third collaboration with Los Angeles and Mexico City-based jewelry designer Daniela Villegas. The four-piece collection, inspired by tulips and lilies and the house’s silk scarf designs, is rendered in sterling silver and leather and is meant to be worn every day.

Ethan Peck

Ethan Peck  Marc Patrick/

Cohost Eric Buterbaugh created a floral installation in a vintage pickup truck for the occasion, which guests such as Ethan Peck, Olivier Martinez, Lorraine Nicholson, Loree Rodkin, Paola Russo, Cara Santana, Tallulah Willis and Zoe posed in front of (not that the infinity pool overlooking the city wasn’t also a stunning backdrop).

Villegas’ first project with Ferragamo was a take on her signature scarab beetle jewelry produced for a Ferragamo runway show three years ago. The second was a collection of fine jewelry based on Ferragamo’s bird motifs called Liberta.

“I tried to make the flowers look as real as possible but also playful,” said Villegas. The black and brown leather used for the necklace and bracelet came from extra pieces used for shoes and bags.

Erica Pelosini, Cashmere, Rachel Zoe

Erica Pelosini and Rachel Zoe with Cashmere the dog.  Marc Patrick/

“I like that there is the possibility to expand the collection,” said Villegas. “It also challenges me as a designer to work not only for myself. Ninety-nine percent of my own jewelry line is one-of-a-kind, so it’s nice to work on something that can be restocked and it’s cool for my brand to have pieces that are recognizable as Dani but also very much Ferragamo.”

Villegas first met the brand at an event in her native Mexico City, where her husband, furniture designer Sami Hayek, was being honored, along with the house of Ferragamo. “They invited me to get in touch the next time I came to Florence, so that was how it all began,” she said.

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