DANNIJO’S DEBUT: As the last precipitation of winter fell on Wednesday night, a gaggle of girls took cover inside the backroom of The Marlton Hotel’s Margaux restaurant. The occasion for the candle-lit dinner? Dannijo’s debut line of handbags. The guests of honor, designers Jodie and Danielle Snyder, held court near the dining room’s brick-exposed wall, artfully dotted with handbags. Garlands of lush floral arrangements hung from the ceiling. Yes, they were real flowers, and no, they are not usually there — contrary to the belief of dinner patrons. “Are you serious?” said Alexandra Richards upon Danielle’s revelation. “You should get them to hang it up permanently. It looks great.” Sitting down for the family-style meal, guests including Hannah Bronfman, Jessica Joffe, Kelly Framel and Bergdorf Goodman’s Cannon Hodge, gossiped around the candlelit table. “Are you just completely soaking?” askedone concerned guest. “Here, let me get you a spicy margarita.” In true Dannijo spirit, the Samsung Galaxy-hosted event had an element of tech, as new phones and smart-watches were passed out along the table, much to the delight of the social media-savvy crowd. Instagram, of course, was the first app to be opened.

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