The new Daphne Guinness album cover

ANOTHER GUINNESS RECORD: Daphne Guinness’ signature look, a pulled-back platinum blonde and black coif, was projected in a variety of glam rock iterations on the walls of the BFI Imax theater in London’s Waterloo Wednesday night ahead of the release of her second album, “Daphne & the Golden Chord.”

The album was produced in collaboration with Tony Visconti, who also worked on Guinness’ debut album, “Optimist in Black.” The tracks were inspired by Guinness’ childhood hero and close friend David Bowie, by T.  Rexlead singer Marc Bolan and The Doors.

Recorded on analogue tape, the new album has echoes of Sixties and Seventies retro rock-‘n’-roll influences.

“I was a huge T. Rex fan and also I have fantastic brothers and all of their music became my music, I’d hear it through the floor of the nursery,” Guinness said of her influences.

Starting off the night with the track “No, No, No,” the video segued into Guinness’ second song, “Five Planets,” an exclusive body of work produced by Nick Knight of Show Studio. It made use of 3-D-scanning and 3-D animation.

In the video, Guinness rocks in otherworldly looks by Iris van Herpen and Gareth Pugh.

“To be able to generate my own sound and vision is quite a nice thing to do because, in these days, where you have copyrights in the industry and all of these things to worry about, it’s quite nice to do it yourself,” said Guinness of her visual aesthetic.

Having first performed the single “Riot” at David and Phillipe Blond’s runway finale, the multihyphenate artist presented the accompanying music video to close off the night.

Directed by The Fashtons, other close collaborators of Guinness’, the video puts a glittery kaleidoscopic spin on her red power suit and highlights the album’s psychedelic references.

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