Dazed Media's sustainability platform, A Future World

OUR PLANET: Dazed Media is setting its sights on sustainability with a dedicated platform, A Future World, in partnership with the European Climate Foundation just in time for the Copenhagen Fashion Summit. The new platform, A Future World, will focus on science, technology and pop culture and feature interviews, films and discussions on sustainability.

“Climate change is finally a topic of conversation that’s at the top of our news feeds and around dinner tables, but most crucially, on our streets. This is a movement that has been driven by youth, a generation determined to pass on the planet to the children they haven’t yet had,” said Thomas Gorton, digital editor of Dazed Media.

The official platform will launch later this year but its first installment, which launched today, features an interview with Greta Thunberg, a teenage climate activist and Nobel Peace prize nominee, speaking about school strikes and protesting to combat climate change.

In the interview, Thunberg talks about her biggest environmental concerns. “Once we pass a certain point, there is no going back. We might have already passed that point and once we do, we set off an irreversible chain reaction which triggers events beyond human control. That’s very scary because we can’t just invent something in the future that will suck CO2 out of the air,” she said.

On Wednesday, the platform will release a film with Jeremy Corbyn and musician Gaika discussing climate change. Later this week, a series of roundtable talks featuring “Game of Thrones” actress Maisie Williams, designer Richard Malone and Pamela Anderson will talk about their hopes for the future.

“The future truly is being written by teenagers, who have found community and strength in direct action. This campaign harnesses that unique energy, and captures a moment in time that will be considered a defining moment in humanity’s history in a century’s time, whatever the outcome,” said Gorton.