Gucci's capsule collection celebrating the Chinese New Year.

PIGGLY WIGGLY: A time of abundance, “prosperity and good fortune,” the Year of the Pig represents a platter of spending opportunity on Dealmoon for luxury retailers from Gucci to Chloé to Baccarat.

With 17.6 million unique monthly visits, a majority of which are Chinese-American Millennials, is one e-tailer plumping its product selection with limited-edition products for Chinese New Year, which falls on Tuesday, February 5.

“Three Little Pigs” is Gucci’s iteration of the Year of the Pig, dating to a 2000-year-old Chinese zodiac tradition, rendering an entire line of handbags, accessories and clothing that features the storybook on its web site. Others dabbling in Dealmoon’s Year of the Pig limited-edition products will be brands such as Prada, Nina Hauzer, Superdry, S’well, Monica Vinader and Chloé.

Pursuing the symbolic prosperity in the Year of the Pig, Cameron Rooney, affiliate marketing manager at Superdry said: “We make our own luck’ — or so the saying goes — and Superdry’s limited-edition Chinese New Year collection does just that by showcasing a lucky attitude. Last year, Superdry saw “great success” in participating in Dealmoon’s campaign, and anticipates another lucky strike.

At present, 33 percent of the world’s luxury products are purchased by Chinese consumers, and by 2025 that percentage will rise to 44 percent according to McKinsey & Co.

Since 2009, Dealmoon has facilitated total sales in excess of $1 billion through its brand partners and is credited with bringing Singles’ Day to North America’s luxury retailers. Claiming status as the number-one shopping advisory site to its targeted demographic, it is bridging the gap between “voracious shoppers and luxury brands” by providing “products we know these Millennials and Gen Z’ers crave,” according to Dealmoon cofounder Jennifer Wang.

Reaching the Chinese-American Millennial demographic will include a far longer list of retailers, as spending power of this demographic continues to solidify.