Deborah Harry with Vin and OmiVin and Omi show, Spring Summer 2018, London Fashion Week, UK - 11 Sep 2017

BLONDIE IN THE FLESH: “I adore a fashion show,” said American singer-songwriter and actress Debbie Harry at the Vin + Omi show that was held in east London on Monday evening. “Vin + Omi are really fun and smart, and they are doing something with a purpose — and it’s unique. It’s so valuable at this time and its wonderful.”

Debbie Harry on the catwalkVin and Omi show, Spring Summer 2018, London Fashion Week, UK - 11 Sep 2017

Debbie Harry on the catwalk at the Vin+ Omi show.  David Fisher/REX/Shutterstock

Vin + Omi is a London-based, conceptual fashion label that created some of the costumes for “Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie” and specializes in project-based work with musicians. The show, at the Andaz Liverpool Street Hotel, was held a few days before the official opening of London Fashion Week, which kicks off on Friday, Sept. 15.

In a surprise appearance, the Blondie frontwoman opened the runway show dressed in a whimsical, asymmetric lime-green dress. She changed into a golden kimono made from recycled plastic, and took a bow with the designers during the finale. It marked the first time Harry walked for a London brand.

The songstress has been wearing Vin + Omi during her “Blondie Pollinator” tour and has worn the designer duo’s designs on and-off stage, including on the “Rage and Rapture” tour. “I have a beautiful cape that says ‘Stop f–king the planet,” said Harry of her favorite piece. “I wear it at night.”

The singer said she will head north to Manchester later this week. “Sadly, I was here when the explosion happened,” said Harry, referring to the terrorist attack that took place at the end of the Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena. “I have some appointments that I have to make up.”

Boy George, Jasmine Guinness and Jane Horrocks were among the attendees who turned out for the show. “Debbie is legendary,” said Boy George. “Debbie Harry is Debbie Harry. She doesn’t have to do anything.”

Boy GeorgeVin + Omi Fashion Show, London, UK - 12 Sept 2017

Boy George  Husse/SilverHub/REX/Shutterstock

Jasmine GuinnessVin + Omi Fashion Show, London, UK - 12 Sept 2017

Jasmine Guinness  Husse/SilverHub/REX/Shutterstock

Jane HorrocksVin + Omi Fashion Show, London, UK - 12 Sept 2017

Jane Horrocks  Husse/SilverHub/REX/Shutterstock

Omi noted that the musician was keen to walk in the show and to help bring attention to environmental issues. Their collection is comprised of materials created by recycled ocean, eco fabrics and river waste plastic.

“We have been working with eco-textile processors since our Nesta award many years ago,” said Omi. “Our previous collection contained textiles made from collected ocean and river plastic. Debbie is an avid supporter of the Riverkeepers project in New York who are cleaning up the Hudson River and removing plastic waste and Vin and myself wanted to created a collection from plastic recycled from rivers and oceans. “

“The connections worldwide need to be strengthened between the recycling channels and textile production,” said Omi. “Designer demand can help strengthen this pathway. We want this show to highlight how innovative eco fabrics can be fun, high fashion and wearable. It’s great to have Debbie supporting us to raise awareness of how fashion can take responsibility.”