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BIG DATE: Deborah Lippmann has her hands full with nails this year, which marks the 15th anniversary of her namesake brand. To start off, Lippmann introduced Break 4 Love, a nail lacquer she collaborated on with Inez van Lamsweerde. Although Lamsweerde usually wears sheer pink hues or nothing on her nails, Lippmann recounted that the photographer began combining two of Lippmann’s colors to produce a “not quite pink, not quite coral shade” and would have Lippmann paint her nails with the mixture. “We decided to create it because it was really strong, it’s really, really pretty and it fits really well in my brand,” said Lippmann. Break 4 Love’s box features the coral pink shade and a portrait of Lamsweerde peaking through her hands, which have a face drawn on them. Initially, though, the box erred because the color on it didn’t exactly match the nail polish color in the bottle. Lippmann said, “Lamsweerde called me to task on it. People that don’t have her eye probably wouldn’t have noticed.”

Later this year, Lippmann will launch a basecoat that eases the removal of glitter polish. When she’s not putting out products, the manicurist has been busy doing red carpet nails, including Lupita Nyong’o’s and Jennifer Lawrence’s for the Golden Globes and the Screen Actors Guild Awards. Talking about her work with Nyong’o, Lippman said, “Because she’s new she’s taking chances. She doesn’t want to wear sheer pink to every show. So, we’ve done everything from a nude beige to layered glitter to mica with purple that looks green from one angle and purple from another.”

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