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HERE COMES THE BRIDE: Dee Hutton, the made-to-order fashion label conceived by Nedenia “Dee” Hutton Craig and Stephanie Brag in 2013, is getting into the bridal business. “I was the 13-year-old who would go into bridal salons and say, ‘That’s pretty!’” Hutton Craig said of her decision to expand. “[Weddings] are the epitome of that beautiful ballgown moment.” Both Hutton Craig and Brag are engaged and planning their own weddings, so the debut spring 2016 collection — comprised of 12 looks, though custom designs are also available — is particularly timely.

Each style can be purchased as-is or customized to a bride’s liking and be ready to wear in as soon as a month. “You can add sleeves, make each [dress] shorter or longer,” Hutton Craig said. “If you want to make a dress a little different for your body type, you can. I like to bring a different experience to the actual dress process….I don’t want it to be a stuffy, pretentious experience.”

The collection, fully produced in at the brand’s headquarters in Manhattan’s Union Square neighborhood, will range from $1,500 for shorter looks up to $8,000, dependent on fabrics and other embellishments.