OH, DEER: Becky, a live hand-reared deer, has a starring role in the Mulberry Christmas ad campaign — and she got the full diva treatment. “She had her hair and makeup done, and her spots were crushed so they looked more beautiful,” said a company spokeswoman, adding that a live swan was also used in the campaign. The campaign’s enchanted forest set was designed by Shona Heath and shot by her husband Tim Gutt. Heath also created the Mulberry Christmas windows at Harrods, which were unveiled earlier this week at an in-store event during which Allen Leech — or Tom Branson from “Downton Abbey” — read an excerpt from Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.”

For the campaign — which broke earlier this month in The Times of London and The Telegraph — and for the windows, Heath said her idea was to create a world ruled by snow queen whose touch turns bits of nature — squirrel whiskers, arrows, and bulrushes — into gold. “The scene starts at the edges of a country house, and then gets wilder and wilder,” said Heath. As for Becky the deer, Heath said she was “calm and had a nice nature, although she was a little bit nervous.”